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Astronaut templates

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1 Astronaut templates on Fre 25 jan 2013 - 19:48


Helge Skriver
"Hej Folkens!

her er nogle templates, som er cirka-materiale... men det er noget i kan gå ud fra:

The Astronauts

To qualify as an Astronaut, the Characters have to take extensive courses, take certain tests and meet a set of standards for health, mind and skill. This is detailed below with a Template and several Lenses.

Astronaut Template [50]
Attributes: [30]

IQ+1 [20]; HT+1 [10].
Secondary Attributes:

Advantages: [5]

Social Regard [5]


Skills: [15]

Astronomy [2] IQ-1; Computer Operation [4] IQ+2; Crewman (Spacestation) [1] IQ+0; Environment Suit (Vacc suit) [2] DX+0; Free Fall [2] DX+0; Mathematics (Applied) [2] IQ-1; Physics [2] IQ-2.


Furthermore there are various assignments, which are given as the Lenses below. A Mission Team always consists of a Mission Commander, a Medical Officer, a 1st Pilot and 2nd Pilot. These fields of speciality can, and ofter does, overlap. The other members of the Mission Team may have other roles, depending on the nature of the mission, funding and so on.

Research Officer: [12]

Most members of a Mission Team have a Research Speciality, in which the excell. This is quite frequent in addition to any other roles they may have onboard.
8 points spend on any combination of Biology [4] IQ-1; Physics [4] IQ-1; Bioengineering [4] IQ+0; Chemstry [4] IQ+0 and Pharmacy [4] IQ+0 (a skill can be chosen twice) in addition to Electronics Operation (Scientific) [2] IQ+0; Research [2] IQ+0.

Special Weapons Officer: [10]

The Special Weapons Officer simulate Tactical Space to Earth Nuclear Ordnance exercises
Armoury (Heavy Weapons) [2] IQ+0; Carthography [2] IQ+0; Forward Observer [2] IQ+0; Explosives (NOD) [2] IQ+0; Gunner (Rockets) [2] DX+1
Note: The Special Weapons officer is almost always a military man, and at least has the Basic Military Training lens.

Pilot, 1st:[17]

The Pilots both are charged with the transportation to and from the Space Station. They commonly have other assignments, such as Communications or Technical Officer.
Aerobatics [4] DX+0; Mechanic (Aircraft) [2] IQ+0, Navigation [2] IQ+0; Parachuting [2] IQ+1; Piloting (High-Performance Airplane) [4] DX+1; Piloting (Aerospace) [3*] DX+1.

*Raised from default.

Pilot, 2nd: [10]

Aerobatics [2] DX-1; Mechanic (Aircraft) [1] IQ-1, Navigation [2] IQ+0; Parachuting [1] DX+0; Piloting (High-Performance Airplane) [2] DX+0; Piloting (Aerospace) [2] DX+0.
Note: both Pilots are typically military men, and have the Basic Military Training lens.

Communications Officer: [8]

The Communications officers main task is to make routine communications with the earth-base etc.
Cryptography [2] IQ-1; Electronics Operations (Comm) [4] IQ+1; Electronics Repair (Comm) [2] IQ+0

Technical Officer: [10]

The Technical Officer is trained to make field repairs and maintenance to the crucial components of the Space Station.

Electrician [4] IQ+1; Mechanic (Fission Reactor) [2] IQ+0; Mechanic (Lifesupport) [2] IQ+0; Mechanic (Space-craft) [2] IQ+0

Mission Commander: [2]

The Mission Commander has the main responsibility and final say of the Mission.
Courtesy Rank [1]
Shiphandling (Spaceship)[1] IQ-2

Medical Officer: [10]

The Medical Officer must be capable to perform emergency attention to the other members of the Mission Team, and is especially trained to be a precise and capable diagnosicist. The Medical Officer is often a Doctor of medicin, but not necessarily so. In case a Doctor of Medicine is the Medical officer, use that lens instead of this one.
Physician [4] IQ+0; First Aid [3*] IQ+2; Diagnosis [3*] IQ+0

*Raised from Default.

Background lenses:

Basic Military Training: [10]

The BMT is suitable for any character that has been through the basic military program as draftee.
Armoury (Small Arms) [1] IQ-1; Brawling [1] DX+0; Camouflage [1] IQ+0; First Aid [1] IQ+0; Guns (Rifle) [1] DX+0; Savour Faire (Military) [1] IQ+0; Soldier [1] IQ-1; Survival (Plains) [1] Per-1; Survival (Woodlands) [1] Per-1; Tactics (Small Groups) [1] IQ-2.

Advances Military Training: [15]

The AMT is suitable for Characters that have had any sort of proffesional career in the active armed forces. For officers or NCOs add the Leadership and Strategy skills.
Armoury (Small Arms) [1] IQ+0; Brawling [3] DX+2; Camouflage [1] IQ+1; Explosives (demolition) [1] IQ-1; Guns (Rifle) [3] DX+2; Guns (Pistol) [1] DX+0; Savour Faire (Military) [1] IQ+1; Soldier [1] IQ+0; Survival (Plains) [1] Per+0; Survival (Woodlands) [1] Per+0; Tactics [1] IQ-1.

Doctor of Medicine: [50]

The Doctor of Medicine is a trained Physician.

IQ+1 [20]

Diagnosis [3] IQ+0; First Aid [3] IQ+3; Pharmacy [4] IQ+0; Physician [8] IQ+1; Physiology [4] IQ+0; Surgery [8] IQ+0.

I må gerne smide noget respons og tanker i forhold til showet... og bare lige for at berolige eller hvad det nu er, så kommer kampagnen IKKE til at handle om Astronaut pjat, det er bare et "skin" som kører... i skal altså lave en 150 points karakter, der har "låst" 50 points til astronaut templaten. "

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