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IG overdone

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1 IG overdone on Tors 4 mar 2010 - 15:07


"There is no such thing as an obscene amount of fire-power"

Mon det her virker?

1 Company Command
m/ Camo.cloaks, Masters of fleet and ordnance, Lascannon. Vox.
Role: Stand still and issue orders. Remain behind cover (possibly meaning using guardsmen as cover).

3 Platoon Commands
m/ Vox.
Role: Sneak forward behind cover (Guards). Issue front-line orders. Capture objectives.

2x40! Guards
m/ Vox. One Commi in each unit. Sergeants has Melta-Bombs.
Role: Provide cover to more important elements. Hinder hostile movement.

1x40 Guards
m/Vox, Commi and melta-bomb sergeants. 4 Lascannons.
Role: Provide cover for command. Take out transports (with Twin-linked Lascannons). Hold home objective.

3x Death-strike Missiles
m/Camo Netting
Role: Take out enemy troops. Stay behind wall of guards. Hope for position with cover.

1x Guardsman Marbo
Role: Attacks of opportunity. Possibly attacking weakly defended objective at enemy base.

25 points left
May remove lascannon and/or master of ordnance in company command, to equip a guards unit with auto cannons.
Considering adding grenade launchers to guard units.

General strategy:
objective games: Hold one. Kill enemy troops. Contest central objectives.
KP missions: Stay close together - and wait for the death-strike missiles. Remember that death-strike CAN be placed close to own troops. Use single unit to halt hostile advance momentarily.
Defending death-strike missiles: Lascannon unit insures that no-one can deep strike next to death-strike missiles, and block charges towards deaths-strike missiles.

First rank fire, second rank fire... must buy more dice.

Your GÆS is as good as mine!
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2 Re: IG overdone on Tors 4 mar 2010 - 15:13


Barbar Barber
Hæ hæ...

Deatstrike strikeforce!

Det kommer til at gøre nas...

- How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris??
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3 Re: IG overdone on Tors 4 mar 2010 - 23:49


Menneske Svaneridder

overdone IG, i like, elverne vil i hvert fald ryste lidt i bukserne hvis de skulle op i mod dem ... in related news see Praletråden

My patience is limited, just like my authority ...
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4 Re: IG overdone on Lør 6 mar 2010 - 17:37


Menneske Stimand
Det er feee - men fyr marbo - han er åndsvag

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